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S&A doesn’t just open doors.

We’re a hands-on, boutique government relations firm that works closely with leaders and influencers inside government, businesses, and associations to build relationships, mobilize coalitions, and help shape the policy landscape.

Deep experience, expertise, and ties to industry, government, and key stakeholder groups help us open the right doors… get seats at the right tables… and put the right people together for the right conversations at the right time.

By bringing business, policy, and advocacy together, we help make a real difference for our clients, across the country and around the world.

Clients who trust us

Our Work

Building alliances, shaping policy outcomes proactively, and executing strategically isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are.

From sectoral transformation to regulatory change, infrastructure investments, policy development, and market strategy, we’re in it to make a difference — not just for our clients, but for our communities.

We’re innovators… coalition-builders… strategists… and advisors whose integrity has earned the trust of leaders and changemakers across Canada and the world. It’s a privilege – and a responsibility – we take seriously.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, NGOs, VCs and others across sectors including Financial Tech, Health/Life Sciences, the Shared/Mobile Economy, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Sports and Entertainment.

We help them manage the issues of the day effectively, develop and execute long-term plans for strategic impact and influence, and shape or reshape policy, legislative, and regulatory environments.

Politics, like business, moves at the speed of trust.
We help you move faster.

S&A Success Story: SABMiller

Making a Difference

In 2014, international brewing giant SABMiller opened its Canadian office on the cusp of massive transformation in alcohol distribution and sales in Ontario.

Exposing opportunities and risks in this period, Stosic & Associates devised a strategy to influence the future of beer distribution in the province that leveraged SABMiller’s global perspective on best practices and its unique lack of vested interest in the status quo.

S&A forged key relationships for SABMC with political leaders and decision-makers inside Queen’s Park, the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario, and Parliament Hill. With our expertise in legislative and regulatory dynamics and mechanics, and strong relationships with pivotal stakeholders, we also built powerful strategic alliances in support of key policy proposals.

As a result, we won significant provisions in the new alcohol legislation and regulatory framework that directly benefit both SABMC’s bottom line and Ontario consumers. These include changes at the LCBO, The Beer Store, and the new grocery channel that safeguards and improves supply chain efficiency, display visibility, and shelf space.


  • Positioned newly-arrived international player to effectively influence transformation of Ontario’s alcohol distribution and sales regime

  • Built tactical alliances with pivotal actors to achieve key policy goals

  • Secured key legislative and regulatory changes to Ontario’s Liquor License Act, directly benefitting both our client and consumers

“Stosic & Associates used their deep connections and knowledge of the political and regulatory landscape to get us a seat at the table with all the right players. They made it possible not only for our voice to be heard, but helped us influence some very important decisions.”

Paul Verdu, President, SABMiller Canada

Become an S&A Success Story.

S&A Success Story: Andrew Peller Limited

Making a Difference

As Canada’s largest premium and ultra-premium wine producer, APL diversified into the craft spirits category with the launch of Gretzky Canadian Whiskey across several Canadian provinces.

With high demand for the new Gretzky product in the LCBO, coupled with the wish by other liquor control boards to synchronize an October launch date, Peller needed to meet large construction and manufacturing costs under very tight deadlines.

Meeting such timelines, demand, and the creation of new highly skilled jobs behind the operation would not be possible without Ontario government support.


  • Identified pivotal decision-makers and influencers inside Queen’s Park central to Peller’s expanding business
  • Leveraged long-term relationships for Peller inside political and bureaucrat offices
  • Rounded out a narrative that matched Peller’s goals with those of government to successfully win government financial support

“Stosic & Associates leveraged its deep experience and know-how of the mechanics and dynamics of Queen’s Park decision-making, crafted a narrative and submission that met the needs of government, and engaged us in conversations with a wide array of actors across ministries and inside the Premier’s Office critical to Gretzky project success”

Greg Berti, Vice President, Global Markets, Andrew Peller Limited

Become an S&A Success Story.

About Stosic & Associates

Stosic & Associates is one of Canada’s leading independent government advocacy and strategic communications firms, with a 20-year track record of delivering on strategic policy and business objectives in the private, public, and NGO sectors.

We’ve represented big and small organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to local non-profits, across a wide range of industries, including Financial Tech, Health/Life Sciences, the Shared/Mobile Economy, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Sports and Entertainment.

We deliver real results for our clients by working effectively inside and outside government channels.

We understand the stakeholder map across sectors. And have trusted relationships with pivotal actors and power brokers, enabling us to bridge both divergent and complementary interests and mobilize coalitions of support around key common policy points.

Our boutique services are hands-on and fully customized to each client’s unique circumstances, objectives, and desired positioning.


Government Relations & Advocacy

We help our clients engage with and navigate government.

With access to unmatched insight and intelligence and relationships built on trust, we connect the dots, develop innovative policy solutions, find alignment, and move projects over the finish line — from sector modernization and transformation to market access and product listing agreements.

Strategic Communications

The right narrative, communicated in the right way, at the right time, is essential for effective advocacy and influence.

Our Strategic Communications services help organizations of all types develop messages that speak to government, establish trust with key officials and politicians, and invite alignment around common policy goals.

Grassroots Mobilization

The most effective government relations initiatives are those that work channels both inside and outside of government.

We help clients map and track strategic influencers and power brokers, and leverage relationships with pivotal thought leaders to activate, engage, and align stakeholders on specific, mutually-beneficial policy proposals.

Engage with and navigate government effectively, across the country and around the world.


Aleks Stosic

Aleksandar Stosic

President & CEO

Rebecca Grundy

Rebecca Grundy

Vice President

Henry Boyd

Henry Boyd

MBA, Principal

Derrick Araneda

Derrick Araneda


Ben Levitt

Ben Levitt

Director, Government Relations

Nicole Rafalovich

Nicole Rafalovich

Dan Skilleter

Dan Skilleter

Special Advisor

“Ivey has relied on Stosic & Associates to strategically enhance our long-standing relationships with critical influencers on the inside of government and select power brokers on the outside of government. S&A has consistently delivered results for Ivey through the cultivation of important opportunities to develop our brand and build a solid foundation for our long term success.”
– Dave Barrett, Executive Director, Ivey Business School

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